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Wait Till The Summer Comes Along

by Yogrel

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  7. Chords for "Wait Till The Summer Comes Along" Date: May 03, PM From: cory gavito Chords for: Wait till the summer comes along Words & Music by: Dave Davies INTRO: D E7sus4 E7 A D E7sus4 E7 A I've been cryin all the winter D E7sus4 E7 I've been waiting for some good to come my way G G# A But I'll wait till the summer comes along G G# A Dear Lord, have I done so much wrong?
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  9. The Kinks Lyrics. "Wait Till The Summer Comes Along". I've been cryin' all the Winter. I've been waiting for some good to come my way, But I'll wait till the Summer comes along. Dear Lord, have I done so much wrong. How can I go on.

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